Chase Winkle

Co-Host of PSMA Cop Talk

Chase has a passion for police work, networking and social media. Chase Winkle has been a uniform police officer since 2008. He currently works for the Muncie Police Department and was previously part of the heroin task force. He founded the business networking group, Community Business Connections (CBC) and currently serves as president. The group has grown to over 50 members, and Chase plays a lead role in organizing networking events for CBC.
Chase also serves as the social media coordinator for the Muncie Police Department. In that role, he has grown the MPD Facebook page from 4,000 likes to over 9,000, partners with media departments across East Central Indiana, and raised over $60,000 for the MPD K9 division in just two months via social media.

Chase also began a Ride-Along program in which community leaders may ride in his police vehicle for part of his shift. By promoting this program on social media, the department received positive media coverage across the state. The ride along program has involved over 60 community leaders. This program has seen substantial attention on various social media platforms.

Chase Winkle has hosted 25 Episodes.